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"Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen."  -  Robert Bresson

This is what artists do, to call our attention to sights and ideas and feelings in the world we would otherwise miss, things experienced with the eyes and the mind and the heart.  Photographers as artists strive to capture an image that tickles our fancy, stimulates our brain, stretches our imagination, and pulls on our emotions.  The images we capture should last beyond the present inasmuch as it captures not a passing state of the world, but an idea or feeling, a figment of our own sense of meaning and understanding of reality.

Since recently starting my photography avocation, my photographs have received some noteworthy recognition:


     - 2015 -- Crocker Art Auction
     - 2009 through 2014 -- California State Fair Fine Art (including an Award of         Excellence in 2011)  
   - 2005 through 2014 (except 2009) -- KVIE Art Auction (Juror's award in 2013)
   - 2014 -- Show in the main gallery at Viewpoint
   - 2013 & 2011 -- Blue Line/Roseville Arts (Black and White show and Lottery for the Arts (one of the top three)) in 2013, and Photography Show in 2011 (including Award of Merit)
   - 2011 -- Color Magazine, Single Image Contest
   - 2010 -- Show in Step-Up Gallery at Viewpoint
   - 2010 -- Coastal Arts League
   - 2009 through 2011 -- Viewpoint's Twelve show
  - 2008 through 2012 -- Sacramento Fine Arts Center's Magnum Opus,
       (including an Award of Merit in 2008)

I have given presentations on photography topics, written photography articles for the Viewpoint newsletter, and jurored club photography competitions as well as co-jurored the Sacramento County Fair photography competition.