Jim Klein

Fine Art Photography







Young Ballerinas, Durango, Spain

Watching the Young Ballerinas

Body Outlines, Bilboa

Close Friends


Castro Seaport












Copenhagen Shades

Aarhus Museum








Greek Orthodox Church, Napflio, Greece

Shop Front, Napflio, Greece

House Front, Greece

Fishing Nets, Nea Kios, Greece

Prow and Ropes, Hydra, Greece

Storefront, Tolo, Greece

Prow and Ropes, Hydra, Greece

Fisherman with Friend, Hydra, Greece

House Front with Vase, Hydra, Greece

House Front with Cart, Hydra, Greece

Fisherman, Nea Kios, Greece

Bike and Car, Napflio, Greece

Produce Store, Napflio, Greece








Two Umbrellas, Bovara, Italy

The Butcher, Trevi, Italy

School Children, Spoleto, Italy

Servants of God, Abbey of St. Peter, Bovara, Italy

Sheepherder, near Montalcino, Italy

Getting Around, Florence, Italy

Flowers and Jeans, Pienza, Italy

Old Friends, Buonconvento, Italy

Living in Siena, Italy

Lost & Found - Faces of Love, Siena, Italy

Millstones, San Gimignano, Italy

Market day in Asciano, Italy

Piaggio, Florence, Italy

Monte Amiata Train Station #86, Italy

Poplars and Cistern, Buonconvento, Italy

Cards, Asciano, Italy

Aged Beauty, Asciano, Italy